The Romanic directory - a destination´s direct connection to tourists and interested people worldwide

Romanic-directory  is the only world-wide data-based directory listing destinations and services for medieval focused upon romanic themes.

We hope that our destination´s database comprises soonly romanic destinations whereever and allover in europe. In comparison with other databased d2c-(destination-to-customers)-internet-services romanic directory´s philosophy is strictly demand-oriented.

So, the intentions of the romanic directory are destination´s benefits, service for our customers , and the presentation of a high quality public-relation-instrument with a high-graded convenience in user´s flexibility.

The destinations are and should be selected by such criteria as cultural significance, verified historical data and level of organisation. Romanic directory has the priority objective that each romanic destination gets a strong instrument for the realization of it´s public relation strategies with a free and self-determined and flexible manageable data-access.

Accessible in two languages from the beginning on, "" is an ideal public-relation-tool for akquisition of new customers, tourists and visitors.