Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

I. Acceptance and Restrictions on Use

1. "Romanic directory" makes available a variety of contents and services, which are constantly being maintained and developed further, to all users independent of a membership.

2. All services and further offers including developments and improvements shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. The proprietary area that is accessible for registered users only is not subject to these Terms and Conditions; it is subject to the terms of use of "romanic directory".

3. Please note the effective changes of the Terms and Conditions as well as any amendment to the Terms and Conditions.

4. By using the services you are agree and comply with the Terms and Conditions. In case you are not agreeing please do not use these pages.

II. Purpose of the Contract - General Terms and Conditions

1. "Romanic directory" offers entries, liable for costs, in the catalogue in the internet with the URL: http://romanik.de .

The users are entitled to use the communicative services provided by "Romanic directory" within the scope of these Terms and Conditions and the legal restrictions. You create and administer your entry having sole responsibility within the range of the directory, made available by "romanic directory". The users comply with not violating any law in force. "Romanic directory" shall have the right to cancel the contract without compliance with the period of notice and to remove the user´s contents immediately without any financial compensation in case of an infringement of the law in force, particularly in case of circulation of racist, pornographic, obscene, defamatory content or content inappropriate to minors. "Romanic directory" shall further have the right to cancel the contract without notice or compensation in case of sending unrequested spam emails or any other kind of unrequested advertising. By using the services the users commit to omitting everything that might interfere with the performance of the services or impair the functionality of the services. In case of sustained perturbation "Romanic directory" shall have the right to cancel the contract without notice.

It is known to the users that "Romanic directory" cannot provide for permanent availability of the catalogue in the internet due to technical reasons. Therefore "romanic directory" shall not be held liable for any damages due to the provider´s or the network operator´s technical problems.

Further it is known to the users that the presentation of the contents depends on the users´ respective systems (especially browsers). Therefore "romanic directory" cannot guaranty optimal presentation on all systems.

Short-term restrictions of the availability can be the result of necessary maintenance practices or of enhancements of further services.

The scope of services as well as the costs for the use of the catalogue result from the service and cost index, of which the user took note in the context of his/her registration. "romanic directory" reserves the right, in its sole competence, to change the service and cost catalogue.

You will be notified of important changes via email. Notification in any other form does not occur. In case a valid email address is not available, you are solely responsible for regular verification of changes in the service and cost catalogue.

It is known to you that the services offered by "romanic directory" may be subject to technical restrictions. This holds especially for the maximum memory capacity respectively the maximum size of data, maximum number of messages and publications as well as other forms of content and restrictions. The restrictions arise from the service catalogue.

"Romanic directory" shall have the right to remove data and/or deny storage of further data in case of exceeding technical restrictions. A separate notification will not take place.

In case of an essential reduction concerning the scope of services, the user may cancel the contract by the end of the month following the change in the scope of services.

The users do not have a legitimate claim to be included in the catalogue. "Romanic directory" reserves the right to update, change or cease the functionality of single services. Furthermore, "Romanic directory" reserves the right to cease certain services completely.

2. Changes in the Terms and Conditions

"Romanic directory" reserves the right to renew or change the Terms and Conditions in its sole competence. "Helmstedt - the Business directory" commits itself to informing the users via email, provided that a valid email address has been left. Otherwise, "romanic directory" has no obligation to notify the users separately about the changes. The regular verification of the Terms and Conditions as well as the service and cost index is the users´ sole responsibility.

By using the services after changes in the Terms and Conditions or in the service and cost index have been made, you are agree with them. In case the user does not consent, he/she shall have the right to cancel the contract without compliance with the period of notice by the end of the month following the changes. The user then complies with the immediate removal of his/her uploaded contents. Inversely, "romanic directory" shall have the right to remove the data without compensation, in case the removal does not take place immediately after the cancellation of the contract.

The user does not have a special right to cancel the contract in case of mere drafting amendments, particularly in case of changes regarding the procedure of registration, changes of contact persons etc. as well as the installation of new services or functionalities, which do not affect the users´ data.

Individual adjustments of the contract or changes of the contract are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by the contractual partner.

III. Protection of Privacy and Data Security

To enable our services, we use data provided by the user. You may retrieve further information concerning the database used in processing the data under´data protection?.

The storage and processing of data takes place in compliance with the legal regulations. The users´ data will only be given to third parties if this is necessary in order to maintain the services or if the user explicitly affirmed the propagation. "Romanic directory" reserves the right to verify the correctness and completeness of the data given in the context of the registration.

IV. Further Restrictions on Use

By placing information or any other kind of material at "Helmstedt - the Business directory", you agree, that

"Romanic directory" and its subsidiaries and licensees shall have the right to use, present, copy, adjust, change, distribute and apply the contents in any form regardless the purpose, and affirm, that you own or control all rights concerning the content or material placed by you and that the use and publication of your contents or materials by "romanic directory" does not infringe the rights of third parties.

V. Further Client Responsibilities - Regulation of Use

1. "romanic directory" is entitled to take any action needed in case of possible misuse of passwords, especially by means of (temporarily) blocking the access to the services provided by "romanic directory".

2. You commit to making backup copies on your own computer of the current data regarding all the contents that you place or receive within the range of "romanic directory".

3. You commit to notifying "romanic directory" of any changes in your personal data, your company name or address.

VI. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall "romanic directory" be liable for any direct, indirect or resultant damages as result of the use of the site.

"Romanic directory" makes no warranty regarding the correctness, completeness or reliability of contents of third parties.

Under no circumstances shall "romanic directory" be responsible for any product liability.

"Romanic directory" shall be liable, independent on the legal justification, only in case of intention or gross negligence. It shall not be liable for personal injury or to laws regarding product liability.

"Romanic directory" points out that contents, which are retrieved, sent or stored via services of third parties, will basically not be verified at all or only within the scope of the laws in force.

"Romanic directory" reserves the right to pass down contents to third parties or remove contents, provided that it is necessary due to legal regulations or judicial or official rulings. This accounts also for the publication of user data. Furthermore, "Romanic directory" is entitled to remove contents in case they violate these Terms and Conditions.

You indemnify "romanic directory" from third party claims due to the infringement of third party rights by you or due to any other illegal content or content that is contrary to the contract.

VII. Disclaimer Regarding Third Party Content

This site is able to create automated search results or to link you to other sites in the internet. Such sites may contain information or material that you may find unsuitable, unreasonable or disturbing. Those sites are not being verified by "romanic directory" and you recognise hereby that "romanic directory" shall not be held responsible for the correctness, copyright issues, legality or any other aspect as regards content. "romanic directory" or any subsidiary is not responsible for the content and material or any other aspect of the contents found on sites of third parties accessible through search results.

VIII. Duration of the Contract

The contract has a minimum duration of one year after releasing the user´s entry in the catalogue. The parties to the contract are entitled to cancel the contract without the declaration of further reasons with a period of four weeks at the change of the year. In case a notice of cancellation does not take place or without adequate notice, the contract is renewed for the duration of a further year.

"Romanic directory" reserves the right to cancel the contract without notice because of important reasons. Important reasons are hereby particularly the violation of the liabilities of the parties to the contract mentioned in these Terms and Conditions.

In any case of cancellation, "romanic directory" shall have the right to remove all data of the user and to block the access to the services.

IX. Transfer of Rights by "romanic directory"

1. "Romanic directory" shall have the right to transfer the rights and liabilities, resulting from this contract, to a third party.

2. In case of such a transfer you have the right to cancel the use of the services provided by "Romanic directory" without notice.

X. Applicable Law / Place of Jurisdiction

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is effective for all privity of contract, resulting from the use of "Helmstedt - the Business directory", to the exclusion of the provisions for the right to purchase regarding the United Nations trade law. In case the users are traders, members of an institution of public law or do not have a place of business in the Federal Republic of Germany, Helmstedt shall be the place of jurisdiction.